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Weekends in the garden


The last few weekends have been lovely.

The air has warmed and the sunshine lures us into the garden. It’s lovely watching everything slowly coming back to life after Winter.



Jason has been busy. He has built me three big vegetable garden beds.

And this last weekend he built a compost in the corner of the backyard. Near the chickens and new vegetable beds.

He has also worked out a way to build without me holding the wood.

I’m a bit unreliable because my mind drifts and so does the wood. So we are both thankful for clamps!



Teddy had his own tools and follows Jason around as he works.

While Max comes and goes, as different things in the backyard catch his attention. He is a lad on the move that one!

And Ruby jumps on the trampoline, makes fairies houses and mudpies.



With the new vegetable gardens built, I had the itch to fill them straight away.

So far I’ve planted spring onions, snow peas, lettuce, spinach, asparagus spears and artichoke.

And I have a big list of what will come next. Zucchinis, cucumber, capsicum, rhubarb to name a few. The children all have requests too, pumpkin, watermelon. All the big things.

We’ve also extended our strawberry patch along a rock wall and I am hoping some strawberries might even make it inside this year!

I’m thinking of adding one more blueberry bush near the other two. Then I will have a nice little blueberry corner.



You can see more our garden here. And our chickens here.

??? And follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see snippets of our days ???

Blessings, Kelly






Crafting for the children’s tent

gnome peg doll2

Children enter the Children’s Tent with their parents remaining outside. They can take a little time to look at the small treasures displayed within. And when they are ready, they may choose whichever speaks to them.

royal peg doll

This is a magical tent only for our wee folk. And only for when they are ready to enter alone. Giving them space to explore and choose.

The line to the Children’s Tent at our Waldorf school Spring Fair is always long. The children stand as patiently as they can, holding their dollars ready to enter for the price of three. The tent is covered in veils holding the mystery within.

butterfly peg doll2

And as the children leave with their treasure held carefully in their hands their joy is a beautiful thing.

Each family with children in grade one create special little items for the Children’s Tent. A gift to the school community.

childrens' tent

My offerings are simple and sweet. Little gnomes, fairies and kings or queens. As well as some Rainbow Wind Wands *smile*

Happy crafting, Kelly