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Weekends in the garden


The last few weekends have been lovely.

The air has warmed and the sunshine lures us into the garden. It’s lovely watching everything slowly coming back to life after Winter.



Jason has been busy. He has built me three big vegetable garden beds.

And this last weekend he built a compost in the corner of the backyard. Near the chickens and new vegetable beds.

He has also worked out a way to build without me holding the wood.

I’m a bit unreliable because my mind drifts and so does the wood. So we are both thankful for clamps!



Teddy had his own tools and follows Jason around as he works.

While Max comes and goes, as different things in the backyard catch his attention. He is a lad on the move that one!

And Ruby jumps on the trampoline, makes fairies houses and mudpies.



With the new vegetable gardens built, I had the itch to fill them straight away.

So far I’ve planted spring onions, snow peas, lettuce, spinach, asparagus spears and artichoke.

And I have a big list of what will come next. Zucchinis, cucumber, capsicum, rhubarb to name a few. The children all have requests too, pumpkin, watermelon. All the big things.

We’ve also extended our strawberry patch along a rock wall and I am hoping some strawberries might even make it inside this year!

I’m thinking of adding one more blueberry bush near the other two. Then I will have a nice little blueberry corner.



You can see more our garden here. And our chickens here.

??? And follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see snippets of our days ???

Blessings, Kelly






In our Summer garden & other songs for circle time

summer garden steps

For circle time at our parent-led Waldorf inspired playgroup, we bring together the parents and children by singing

Here’s my hand

Give yours to me

Come together in a ring

Come and circle with me

And as we sing, we walk in a circle around the green lawn. Our hands outstretched for our little ones to take our hands. Joining us to sing some seasonal songs.

summer garden cubby house

summer garden wookie

Once we have come together, we start with

Good morning dear earth

Good morning dear sun

Good morning dear trees

And the flowers every one

Good morning dear beasts

And the birds in the trees

Good morning to you

And good morning to me

summer garden paving

maple tree

This is followed by the fun and active song I’m Bounda

I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda the kangaroo

I have two floppy ears and two paws, how do you do?

Two paws, how do you do?

I have a long tail and two flat feet

And I like to play where the grass is juicy and sweet

I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda the kangaroo

side of the mud kitchen

summer garden flowers

Then my favourite song *smile*

In our Summer garden

Where we singing go

Flowers are blooming, bees are zooming

See the garden grow

{And how our garden has grown! I was just looking back at my photos from early Spring}


summer garden

Next we get little hands busy with A House For Me

Here is a nest for the magpie (cup both hands together)

Here is a hive for the bee (put fists together)

Here is a hole for the bunny (make a circle with both hands)

And here is a house for me (fingertips together overhead)

A nest is a house for a magpie (cup both hands together)

A hive is a house for a bee (put fists together)

A hole is a house for a bunny (make a circle with both hands)

But a house is a house for me (fingertips together overhead)

summer garden stump stool table

Then we transition to morning tea by singing

Polly put the kettle on

Polly put the kettle on

Polly put the kettle on

We’ll all have tea

What are your favourite Summer songs for circle time? And maybe if I get brave enough I can record us singing to share one day!

Blessing, Kelly