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Our family rhythm

family rhythm

It’s funny. Each time I come to share about our family rhythm, it is when it is changing. Maybe this makes sense, coming from a place of reflection.

Over the past six or so months, we had happily settled into a nurturing rhythm that held us through our days.


painting rhythm chart

We started our weeks with our parent-led Waldorf inspired playgroup. And I am so thankful to have this as the start to our weeks, because it helps me set my parenting intentions for the week ahead (more on that another day *grin*).

We flowed through to Tuesdays. A day when a sweet little friend joined us to play. We baked, we read, we sang and most of all they played.


waldorf rhythm creation

And on Wednesdays we danced. Oh the joy to watch her dance. To see her joy and happiness as she twirled, pointed her toes and collected snowflakes from the air. And our dancing was followed by visits to a sweet bakery ~ lovely happy days. For a few, we even journeyed by bus ~ what fun adventures!

Thursdays to market, to market we went. Choosing fresh fruit and vegetables. Visiting the bakery, the butcher ~ all that was missing was the candlestick maker *wink*

family rhythm chart

family rhythm waldorf

And Fridays. Oh Fridays. Our day to catch our breath. To garden, to play… to rest.

Then our family weekends. Projects around the house and garden, family movie night and board games *smile*

waldorf weekly rhythm

Now we shift. And our days change, as we find and settle into our new rhythm. A rhythm that includes me working more while still striving for balance.

Some days I have left incomplete as yet, allowing space for them to become what they will.

Blessings, Kelly

Colour of the day


Our mornings start with one of the children changing our day of the week gnome. They seem to take turns and work it out between them. It is a rare day when I get to change the gnome *smile*

The day of the week gnomes are made from simple peg dolls. Painted using a good quality water colour palette and wet brush. To deepen the colour and protect the wood I polished them with beeswax and olive oil. I thought about making them little hats but was taken with their simplicity.

They are painted the colours of the week that Rudolph Steiner used ~ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is white. Our weekly rhythm complements the daily gnomes by using the same colours to help further anchor our days.

The gnomes sit around our beautiful candle holder on our dining table which is the center of our home. Changing the day of the week gnomes is a simple gesture and marker for where we are in the week, and they add a lovely touch of whimsy to our table.

My lovely friend Aleta, Hinterland Mama also sells beautiful day of the week calendars here.
How do you use the colours of the week?

Blessings, Kelly