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Our weekly rhythm

Having a weekly rhythm works for us. We look forward to each day and are excited by what they bring. And I love how a rhythm flows and adjusts to our needs, because although I love my lists and order in some parts of my life, at home with my kids I prefer a more fluid approach.

Monday is painting day
We start our day at Waldorf playgroup which is a great way to start our week! We enjoy the gentle flow of the morning and feel revitalised and ready for the week ahead.
In the afternoon, after nourishment and a rest, we paint! We enjoy painting on various surfaces; wood, glass, fabric, ourselves, and of course paper *smile*



Cleaning day is Tuesday

We wash clothes, fold, dust and generally tidy up. Since I’m not much of a cleaner we also often go on outings to the library and post office, or adventures to gardens, museums or the like!

We love Wednesdays – baking day!

Often Master D wants to get going before we have even dressed for the day, so often if you popped in on a Wednesday we would be baking in our pj’s *smile* And we love sharing our baking adventures at our linky ~ Happy lil ❤’s are baking ~ and we love to be inspired by your baking too!


Crafting day comes on Thursday

Sometimes we’ll play with playdoh, modelling wax, cardboard or needle and thread – the possibilities are endless really! We have lots of fun trying new things, especially when we can include Little Miss Q in the fun too *smile*

The kids also love that on Thursday Little Miss M and her mum come to visit and play…


Friday is outside play and gardening day

Although we enjoy the outdoors most days, it’s nice to have a day where we really focus on nature. We might just play in our backyard or do some gardening. Little Miss Q is enjoying investigating dirt and mud at the moment!


Weekends are family time

And we enjoy just spending time together, working on projects inside or out. Catching up with family and friends, with some relaxation and good food thrown in for good measure.

I was inspired by the talented Mama West Wind of Chocolate Eyes to prepare our rhythm visually. And Master D loves being able to check it, which is also great for keeping me on track too (no skipping painting day, or rather cleaning day!).

Do you use a rhythm for your days?

Sharing on Crafting on at Frontier Dreams 🙂

Warmly, Kelly