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baby Waldorf doll

Waldorf Baby Doll

Months ago I was lucky enough to win a baby Waldorf doll pattern from Adirondack Patterns
(thank you Laura and Julia!!)
And since Little Miss Q’s 1st birthday is just around the corner I got sewing *smile*
My favourite green jumper was transformed into baby’s body, after I snagged it causing a ladder.
And apple fabric seemed just right for baby’s hat and heart
I was a little nervous creating baby’s face… although I’m pleased with how he turned out
{don’t you think he looks like a ‘he’… a very sweet little baby boy}
Making Little Miss Q’s doll was such fun *smile*
And we think he is something she needs
{you can read more about our gift giving philosophy here

Happy crafting,

Pieces of me ~ A Yarn Along

Before today I hadn’t decided who my very slowly emerging rainbow of gnomes was for… now I realise I’m making them for me! Of course, my children will play with them and they will be great for storytelling, but their creation can continue on the go slow.

In the meantime, I finished a second knitted bunny for Little Miss Q. I’ve given bunny a nose but no other facial features… what do you think? Does bunny need eyes? You can see bunny’s brother and a tutorial here.

Otherwise, I converted the start of Master D’s jumper into a baby Waldorf doll (it is all for the best, honest!).

And I’m a few more chapters into A Game of Thrones. And – wow, it is a riveting read! If I could curl up in bed and read until I was done I would, but those were the days 🙂 Instead we’ve been painting, baking & playing (and I think I like that better!)

So until next time, enjoy your Christmas celebrations!

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along 😉 warmly, Kelly