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I love our sunroom

From my cozy sunroom corner, I see my children playing in the back yard. They jump on the trampoline – water sprinkler running underneath – good old fashioned fun. From my spot, I look out through my home’s front door to a vibrant pink crepe myrtle. My babe plays on the rug nearby pulling blocks and baskets onto the floor. And if I look away for a moment, trying to eat the begonia leaves.

I have been dreaming of this space, or what it could become for sometime. I’ve been collecting cushions, rugs and ideas. Going on crazy fun shopping trips with friends and looking for bargains at the tip shop!

I’ve repurposed my cane chair – a gift from my mother when I was a girl – which I spray painted gold during my wild teenage years *wink*. Brought in some plants from where they had been forgotten after we moved. And brought it all together, unsure whether it would work, but thankfully it feels right, a lovely collection of colour and texture.

The children have happily taken to the space. Playing with puzzles, blocks or riding the gorgeous rocking horse discovered at the tip shop.

And at night it becomes another place entirely. A magical space with coloured lanterns and fairy lights. A lovely spot to sit and enjoy a cup of tea, or perhaps later a wine with friends.

Oh and I almost forgot, the view directly below my window, is the start of our new garden. A whimsical kinda ode to Alice in Wonderland.

Happy days,

A magical children’s garden

Creating a magical children’s garden was part of our plan for making our Waldorf inspired home…

Growing up, Husband of Mine and I were lucky to have green thumb mother’s and we appreciated the joy of a beautiful and playful garden, with special spots for children. My mother once told me that she aimed to have a beautiful picture through every window out to the garden, and she achieved this and more.

For our own garden, we had lots of ideas in mind, and wanted to make them work in our small pocket backyard. We felt a children’s garden benefited from…

✿ green grass

To run and roll on, throw a ball and run under the sprinkler. Or pretend to mow the grass like dad!

A well defined green area can help make the most of a small backyard

✿ edible garden

Herbs and vegetables to grow, pick and taste. Growing a garden is a wonderful hobby to enjoy as a family and lovely for the children to understand where things come from.

✿ cottage garden

Romantically pretty flowers to appreciate with the fairies {Dino Boy often goes looking for them *smile*}

Sweet scents attracting the birds and the bees.

special nooks & spots for sitting

To soak up the sunshine, or for afternoon tea …this is one my mother taught me, she always put special sitting spots around the garden.

✿ a cubby house

To inspire imaginative play…a space all of their own! ✿ a sandpit

For digging and building ~ it is amazing how much play this sees *grin*

mud garden & kitchen

For getting the hands dirty and making mud pies ~ the ingredients of childhood!

✿ a tree to climb

Ours is only little, but Dino Boy still loves to climb as high as he can. It is also a place to hang a bell, or a bird feeder

And then there are the little whimsical extras… but they can keep for another day *grin*

We have been incredibly lucky that my mother-in-law has helped us realise our vision for our beautiful children’s garden! And she continues to help with the weeding every now and again {she just can’t sit still and we are thankful!}

What do you think makes a magical children’s garden?

Warmly, Kelly

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