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birthday chair

Decorating the birthday chair

birthday chair

On Teddy’s 2nd birthday I am not sure who was more excited. Teddy or his brother and sister.

Actually, I think I do know – it was Max and Ruby!

They were so excited to be celebrating their little brother.

Max decorating the birthday chair

lemon verbena on the birthday chair

One of the ways they made Teddy’s day special was by decorating his chair.

Max got this idea from a lovely family friend, Freya. Freya’s father is Dutch and decorating the birthday child’s chair is a Dutch tradition.

daisies on the birthday chair

close up of birthday chair

Max and Ruby wrapped Teddy’s chair in playsilks.

Then I carried the chair into the garden so they could collect pretty flowers and leaves to tuck into the playsilks.

birthday chair top

climbing chair

It was such a sweet way of making Teddy know it was his special day.

Even more so, because he is at an age where he would prefer not to wear his birthday crown (although I still put it out for him).

excited birthday boy

birthday boy for HWH

Teddy thought it was all kinds of wonderful *grin*

You can read more about our Waldorf birthday traditions here, and see how we celebrated Ruby’s last birthday here.

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Blessings, Kelly