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On the ‘go slow’

Since Christmas my crafting, knitting and baking pursuits have all been on the go slow.

My rainbow of gnomes is still slowly emerging. I’m knitting the violet gnome at the moment, and starting to sew them up.

Master D found red and orange, so they’ve already had rides in his truck and been nibbled by Little Miss Q. I hope reading about their slow emergence isn’t too painful for you all! (And yes I did knit one more bunny to make it a family of three for Little Miss Q).

One thing I have been enjoying over the past two weeks is reading. I’m loving A Game of Thrones. It has a fantastic Machiavellian plot 😉 And I luckily found some time at the beach to enjoy it’s twists and turns. And I’m also enjoying Beyond the Rainbow Bridge which I received at Christmas (thank you Husband of Mine).

Oh, and I have two bubs to knit for – I just found out an old school friend of mine is expecting and also a friend from work is, so I have to find a blanket or toy to knit for each of them. I might do a sampler style baby blanket like I made for Little Miss Q… but not sure yet…

Joining in with the Yarn Along 🙂

Warmly, Kelly

Knitted love for Little Miss Q

While pregnant with Little Miss Q (who is now 17 weeks) I was super busy at work. I was looking after a high profile, high pressure project. After work I often found it hard to ‘switch off’… until I picked up some knitting needles.

My mum had taught me the basic knit stitch when I was a kid, but she’d always cast on and off for me. This time round I figured I should probably learn these for myself (I couldn’t see mum popping over to do it for me!). She did however lend me a book explaining how to do heaps of different stitches and basic ‘how to’ info. Soon I was knitting up a storm and because I was counting stitches and following patterns I was leaving work behind… at work (yay!).

Rectangles seemed to be the order of the day. I’m not quite sure why, but I just wanted to knit rectangles to try out different stitches and wool. Somewhere along the way (maybe around 7 rectangles?) they morphed into an idea for a baby blanket. Once I realised that was where my knitting was headed I was inspired; finding beautiful new wool and using it in different ways to make a blanket with wonderful colours and textures for baby to enjoy.

On my knitting adventure I learnt a lot, how different wool and stitches result in different sized rectangles with varying pull to them (I’m sure there is a more technical way of explaining this). When it came time to sew it all together this was a challenge, and I’ve ended up with a bit of a hodge-podge result, but I quite like the look of it.

A good friend of mine (who had knitted a wonderfully beautiful cream snuggle blanket for Master D) suggested how I could bring it all together. I had been thinking of using a fancy edge, but she suggested a simple cream border. Little Miss Q now gets to snuggle down under my handmade blanket, in her cot that both her father and nana-ma slept in as babies 🙂

This blanket was my start into rediscovering handiwork and crafts.

Thanks for reading, Kelly