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Playing with bubbles

Ruby blowing a bubble This is a sponsored post

Bubbles are one of the most joyous ‘toys’!

There is something super lovely about creating these magical light capturing baubles. Then watching them float in the air, caught in the breeze.

Little {and not so little} hands reaching to capture them.

catching bubbles

And these lovely bubbles from Sweet Elephants are the best!

The bubble mix lasts a lot longer than usual ~ you simply tip what you need into the little solution holder. Then the children can dip their bubble wands and start blowing!

Teddy with bubbles

The bubble wand is also really easy to use, especially for the littlest children.

It helps that is is more solid, so easier to grip. And it is easier to blow through too.

close up of Ruby blowing bubbles

Even little Teddy had success ~ which he was thrilled about!

Look at him go! He was walking around the garden blowing bubbles everywhere *grin*

Ruby and Teddy blowing bubbles

And these lovely bubbles you can touch and even stack.

Max worked out that blowing really slowly made the biggest bubbles.

Max sitting and blowing bubbles

And then Ruby and Teddy waited patiently to catch the bubbles Max made.

It was lovely watching them all play together like this.

getting ready to catch the bubbles

And would you believe the bubble wand itself is biodegradable?!

{I must admit to feeling a little guilty about all those plastic bubble containers we have added to landfill ~ so was pretty pleased to find these!}

Ruby blowing bubbles

Even the bubble mix is more eco friendly… made from natural cellulose extracted from trees.

So I don’t have to worry when Teddy inevitably eats some!


You can find these lovely bubbles at Sweet Elephants ?

To happy bubble filled days, Kelly

Making bubble wands

Have you noticed how kids of all ages love playing with bubbles *smile*  

Bubbles are a little bit magical, pretty and transitory, and always bring delight!

A lovely friend of mine taught me that when you are having a difficult day, feel stressed or down… 
…blow some bubbles ❤
{isn’t that wonderful advice}

My friend is celebrating her birthday this weekend, so when Master D and I spotted some homemade bubble wands at Kleas and we knew we had to make some!

And since everyone loves bubbles, we’d make some for the mothers in our life *smile*

We used cookie cutters to make stars, hearts and flowers!

Master D picked out some pretty jars for us to fill with homemade bubble mix

Happy birthday to my lovely friend…. 
Happy Mothers’ Day dear mothers ❤

Happy crafting,