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Candle making

We use a lot of candles in our home *smile*
…one each dinner time…
…one during Dino Boy’s bedtime rhythm

So it didn’t take long to use our poured beeswax candles!
For something different we decided to try rolling some…
And it was super easy to do!

We laid the wick along one side… with close to an inch poking out…
 then rolled the beeswax sheet over it… and kept on rolling

Then I remembered that we had some modelling beeswax hiding away *smile*
…what better to decorate our candles with?

We warmed the wax in our hands and enjoyed the sensation as we molded it into shapes
And the sweet scent filled the air

We loved how they turned out so much that the Nana’s were gifted one each….
So guess what?! We’ll have to make some more 😉
Happy crafting, Kelly

Beeswax candles

There is no end to wonderful inspiration in blogland is there! Recently I was reading My Rhythm and Rhyme in Motherhood and Nicole had just made some gorgeous beeswax candles. I had some beeswax over from another project so decided to try it out 🙂

Given that Valentines is approaching I decided to go with heart shaped candles. Although Master D had other ideas and produced a couple of his dinosaur biscuit cutters. While I was melting the wax in the microwave the dinosaurs became quite agitated and came to blows (or something like that)!

We set out our biscuit cutters on a tray with baking paper underneath and wicks at the ready.

The first couple went really well, but after that I had wax going everywhere! And a week later I still seem to be finding wax about the place and trying to melt it away! Husband of Mine has suggested I do things somewhat differently next time… mmm, he might be right – I didn’t really need to grate the wax just to have it all happen quicker… perhaps I shouldn’t have used the usual glass measuring cup – although I have got the wax off now (promise)!

Waxy *roar*

I’m still pretty pleased with our results – and the smell is delicious!

Warmly, Kelly