Our nightly rhythm

Master D’s nightly rhythm is lovely and relaxing ~ it nearly puts me to sleep too!

And after seeing Chocolate Eyes’ beautiful nightly chart I was inspired to make one for us. Mind you, I don’t have the artistic talent that Becca does, but Master D can work out what my pictures mean and he loves checking it!

Our nightly rhythm starts with dinner which Master D enjoys helping to prepare. He sets the table and sometimes even helps cook the meal. It’s lovely having a little helper 🙂

Later when he is washed and our teeth are brushed I say ‘let’s go light your bedtime candle‘ and so far (after a few months) he excitedly goes to bed! And while I light his candle he gets into his pj’s.

Often Little Miss Q snuggles down with Master D for storytime. Sometimes we read stories ~ after I have read a story Master D ‘reads’ one too.Other nights I tell him a story from when he was smaller, or from when I was a girl. He thinks these stories are the best!

Before blowing out his candle I ask if he would like to tell me one thing. If I don’t, he comes out saying ‘I have to tell you something mum!‘.Sometimes he tells me he loves me or about his day or toys.

And at the moment he tells me ‘I don’t love kisses, I love hugs or high fives!‘ So hugs it is, although I usually sneak a couple of kisses in, and put one in his pocket for later (he’s too little to not love kisses!). Then he blows his candle out and settles down for the night.

What I love about having a rhythm like this is that it flows gently and is not fixed by times but events. Which means it is adaptable to our needs. What kind of bedtime rhythm do you have?

Warmly, Kelly

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