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A family garden

children's garden

Each afternoon the children play outside until the sun goes down.

They jump on the trampoline, slide down the cubby house slide. They happily mix dirt, water and flowers in the mud kitchen.


And between all these parts of the backyard are the parts that bring it together as a garden. A family garden. A place for adults and children to enjoy.

We have been busy transforming this space, since we moved to this home of ours, a little less than eighteen months ago (and we are not finished yet).


We’ve pulled up old paving and reused it as a path around our grassed area. And although many pavers broke, we used them to make a sort-of mosaic (which I happen to love).

We’ve moved around lots of tan bark and laid a lovely lawn (I always think that as soon as you add grass a backyard feels entirely different).


Little rock step paths have been created, many a stump seat placed {some complete with mushroom hats!} and a slightly Alice in Wonderland paved area *grin*


We have chooks who are such good little ladies ~ giving us four or five eggs a day! And some lovely flowers. Because what is a garden without flowers?


Next we hope to set up a veggie patch and proper compost. Then maybe an earthen pizza oven area. And then we will see!

But I think a garden is never done it just shifts and changes with us.

Happy gardening, Kelly

A magical children’s garden

Creating a magical children’s garden was part of our plan for making our Waldorf inspired home…

Growing up, Husband of Mine and I were lucky to have green thumb mother’s and we appreciated the joy of a beautiful and playful garden, with special spots for children. My mother once told me that she aimed to have a beautiful picture through every window out to the garden, and she achieved this and more.

For our own garden, we had lots of ideas in mind, and wanted to make them work in our small pocket backyard. We felt a children’s garden benefited from…

✿ green grass

To run and roll on, throw a ball and run under the sprinkler. Or pretend to mow the grass like dad!

A well defined green area can help make the most of a small backyard

✿ edible garden

Herbs and vegetables to grow, pick and taste. Growing a garden is a wonderful hobby to enjoy as a family and lovely for the children to understand where things come from.

✿ cottage garden

Romantically pretty flowers to appreciate with the fairies {Dino Boy often goes looking for them *smile*}

Sweet scents attracting the birds and the bees.

special nooks & spots for sitting

To soak up the sunshine, or for afternoon tea …this is one my mother taught me, she always put special sitting spots around the garden.

✿ a cubby house

To inspire imaginative play…a space all of their own! ✿ a sandpit

For digging and building ~ it is amazing how much play this sees *grin*

mud garden & kitchen

For getting the hands dirty and making mud pies ~ the ingredients of childhood!

✿ a tree to climb

Ours is only little, but Dino Boy still loves to climb as high as he can. It is also a place to hang a bell, or a bird feeder

And then there are the little whimsical extras… but they can keep for another day *grin*

We have been incredibly lucky that my mother-in-law has helped us realise our vision for our beautiful children’s garden! And she continues to help with the weeding every now and again {she just can’t sit still and we are thankful!}

What do you think makes a magical children’s garden?

Warmly, Kelly

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