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Easter egg hunt

An Easter egg hunt

How fun are Easter egg hunts!
I think the Easter Bunny has as much fun hiding the eggs as the hunters do finding them *wink*

And what fun places they were hidden!

Max found a chocolate egg in the gnome’s home in Nana’s garden *smile*

Be careful to check the flower beds…

Little Miss Q found some too…

After the egg hunt we enjoyed morning tea…
A moment of deep contemplation for Captain P 😉

Before playing lego with Nana…

And hide and seek!

{He won’t find us under the mulberry bush *smile*}

And makeshift nappies… mmm who emptied the nappy bag!

Happy days, Kelly

Dinosaur egg hunt!

What a beautiful day to be in the garden – sunny blue skies and dinosaur eggs to be found!

While Master D was having lunch I snuck outside and carefully hid the dinosaur eggs around the garden. When Miss M arrived to play the kids excitedly ran into the garden searching for the eggs. First they found one near the dino mama ‘but that’s a rock’ one of them said before it was ‘cracked’ open and a dinosaur discovered!

The next eggs were found near mushrooms, gnomes and hiding behind a wooden stump seat. The eggs were easily cracked open (thankfully, since I’d forgotten about them for a while as they baked, oops). And then the kids happily played dinos, stopping in between for some afternoon tea dino biscuits. Ahhh, to be a kid again – bliss 🙂

And making the eggs was also fun and easy – I followed this tutorial from Sew Can Do :-). I must have looked quite bizarre stirring up my coffee grinds, sand and flour!

Thanks for reading, Kelly