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Reducing our waste

Apiwrap      This is a sponsored post

It feels rather fitting to be sharing about Apiwraps beeswax kitchen wraps as Plastic Free July wraps up *wink*

We’ve been making small steps to reducing our waste for many a year now. Our chickens and the compost benefit from our scraps and we love to recycle or upcycle. So when I came across Apiwraps as an alternative to plastic wrap in the kitchen I was rather thrilled.


And it certainly helps that they are so pretty!

Each time I wrap our cheese or a sandwich I feel like I am wrapping little gifts *grin*


So into the details…

Apiwraps are beeswax coated fabric wraps.

They are a wonderful alternative to plastic wrap. And they work a little bit by magic.

You wrap your item like a present, then holding your warm hands to the fabric you seal in the freshness!


I’ve been using our Apiwraps on all our cheese, for school lunches and for picnics!

And they work beautifully {as well as smelling lovely}


Cleaning them is pretty straight forward too. I just use a damp warm cloth with a little dish soap to wipe them down, rinse with cool water and then hang them on a rack to dry.

You can see more tips for caring for them here.


We’ve only had our Apiwraps for a few months and they work as well today as when we got them. It will be interesting to see how long they last, and I’m told they can last around a year, so that is a lot of plastic wrap not going to the bin!


Do you use Apiwraps? Do you have any tips to share?

This post was sponsored by Apiwraps, an Australian Waldorf family business {I love supporting homemade!}

Pop on over to see their lovely products, and you can use the code ‘ADDSOMEWHIMSY’ with your order to receive an extra sandwich wrap for free!

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Blessings, Kelly