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Making fairy houses

Q in fairy garden

We have been in our new home for nearly a year. A year full of wonderful, challenging, amazing changes. A year in which we have slowly being making our home. Creating a new children’s garden. Some days, I look outside and feel like we have so far to go. That progress is so slow. But really, with a new little one this year, what we have achieved is pretty great.

fairy garden

We have chooks, a cubby house and sandpit, mud kitchen and a herb garden. And at the moment we are working on our outdoor entertaining area ~ with new pavers to freshen the area up and make it work for us. And once the grass goes in the yard will feel entirely different.

fairy garden3

While we have been busy working in the yard, the kids have from time to time helped with our projects, but have mostly played alongside us. Digging tunnels in the sandpit, playing schools in the cubby house. Jumping on the trampoline. And making fairy houses.

fairy garden2

They are at wonderful ages for independent imaginative play. And they {mostly} play wonderfully together. Like the other day, when they created these adorable fairy houses while we were busy digging up the yard ready for grass.

fairy garden4

They used flowers, bells and bits and bobs from around the yard to create their fairy houses ~ and aren’t they adorable!

fairy garden1

Blessings, Kelly

Whimsical doors

I think of all the crafting I do these days, making little magical whimsical doors has to be my favourite 🙂 I just love the possibilities they suggest and invite.

I heard that a little boy asked how the fairies go in their door, to which his grandma replied…

you see that tiny little hole in the wood there?‘ 
mmm, yes‘ he said 
well, that’s where they go in…’
I was thrilled when I heard this story about a door I had created! Just magic – I hope it set the little boy’s imagination soaring!

These are my latest creations 🙂

Happily creating, Kelly