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One of my favourite days

One of my favourite days is Tuesdays.
It is a day where my cup full of joy sometimes feels like it might spill over.

Tuesdays sometimes start like this…

Warm half asleep snuggles in bed with my little ones
{what better way to wake up is there?!}
An unhurried breakfast, good coffee and maybe some pancakes

Little Miss Q and I take Dino Boy to his wonderful preschool
It is like releasing a child into their ‘wild’
…happy and free, the way it’s meant to be

Then Little Miss Q and I hold hands and walk through the school
smiling to everyone we meet, saying little hellos


We make our way to the school cafe, where they know our order and greet us friendlily
My girl and I sit in the fresh air, enjoying our drinks
{a lovely mocha for me, usually breastmilk for her}


Sometimes lovely friends join us and we chatter away
Before unhurriedly wandering up towards playgroup, to a warm welcome
 Where I watch Little Miss Q play, mostly close by, often while I knit or sand


Then home we go for a nap and some Mama alone time *happy sigh*
Before returning to school for our boy
who clasps our hands, showing us where he played that day


Homeward we return for late afternoon tea… fresh fruit… a homemade biscuit or two
A happy, full & lovely day.

Do you have a favourite day? What makes it so special?

Warmly, Kelly