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‘Santa’ made Master D this fishing set for Christmas. He’s had lots of fishing trips since, catching the fishies and putting them in my little old basket 🙂

So, when we came to craft day he asked to make fish. So that’s just what we did 😉 I drew some simple fish on foil, then we put them on an onion bag, rubbing with our fingers to give our fish scales. Master D then coloured his fish using markers and crayons.

Sorry, hard to capture this well but you get the idea

 We found that the crayons helped keep the scale texture but they don’t have the same shine.

Next we used blue watercolour paint to make our ocean.

Painting with a brush takes to long?!
Rightly concerned by the painting method

Adding salt to get some texture. Then we released our fish into the water 😉

Thanks to our lovely friend Nay for the great craft book – The Usborne Book of Art projects that gave us this idea!!

Gone fishing, Kelly