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gingerbread house

A gingerbread house


This Christmas we all took part in creating our gingerbread house.

I made the gingerbread dough.

My husband cut the pieces, baked them and constructed our little house (his tip is using beer bottles to hold the walls while the icing sets).

gingerbread house decorating

Then the children set to work decorating and, of course, sampling! And as the years go by, we relinquish more and more of the decorating to them.

It’s lovely to sit back and watch them bring it all together.

And I adore looking back on the sweet little gingerbread houses we have made over the years, with their jolly little decorations *grin*

decorating gingerbread house

Our gingerbread house is dessert on Christmas day.

This year we shared it with my dad and his partner. We were all a little reluctant to break into the house… but once we did… *grin*

gingerbread house

And I’m usually behind the camera, watching, taking photos…  But this time I’m even in some photos!

(I might even try to be in the photos a little more often… we will see!)

gingerbread cottage

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Blessings, Kelly

Gingerbread house

I know, I know…
…what am I doing sharing our gingerbread house in the last week of January!?
But here I am doing exactly that… *smile*
The thing I love most about our gingerbread house tradition
is that Husband of Mine makes them each Christmas with the kids
And each year, I notice he lets them do more and more….
{he can be quite a perfectionist… so this requires some letting go}

Each year the house is different… he makes his pattern on the fly
and seems to have worked out some nice little tricks…
~ like using tin cans to help stabilise the walls as they set in place
~ and even using pins to hold the roof in place 
{just make sure you remember where they are!}

The kids enjoy this tradition so much
you should see how excited they get as they smell the gingerbread baking…
…and see the lolly supplies ready for decorating!
{ok, maybe it has a lot to do with the lollies!}

The gingerbread house was decorated on Christmas Eve…
we were all on sugar highs and full to bursting with excitement!
{and I love that Husband of Mine adds little stained glass windows… just lovely}

And just look at that anticipation!!
Just seeing this photo again brings a big smile to my face
I think I made the first dint this time… 
Husband of Mine can never really bring himself to do it *hee hee*
It was delicious, and wonderfully fresh… mmmmm

Happy days,