Illuminated Gingerbread House

Husband of Mine set to work – mixing, rolling, cutting and baking the pieces of our gingerbread house. So my friend Fraggle and I decided to take the kids for a walk! (Have I mentioned that Husband of Mine can be a bit of a perfectionist?! ;-))

 The next day, house construction began in earnest. Out came the hacksaw to trim a couple of walls (seriously! I wish I’d taken a photo of it!).

While his daddy was busy, Master D decorated some gingerbread stars.

Although, I think more eating than decorating was going on!

Then the house was ready for decorating… so they got to work…

Husband of Mine then lit a candle, illuminating the house with a warm glow. The clever fellow had made stained glass windows using crushed boiled lollies (after seeing some stained glass biscuits Master D and I had made during the week) 😉

Ta da!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, Kelly

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