Sprout heads & attack of the Wookie dog

A while back Master D and I made some sprout heads – here they are looking happy in their finery.

And then along came a Wookie dog who wanted to glare, who wanted to bark, but most of all wanted to attack!

So, it’s taken us all a while to recover and try again. We got the stockings back out and added seed, before putting in seed raising soil and tying the ends.

For one stocking we had to add a fabric ‘wick’ to help draw the water up since new stockings seem to be water repellant (who knew!). Master D added eyes and mouths. One of them apparently needed two mouths 😉

So this time the sprout heads are living out of reach of the Wookie dog, although I have noticed some glaring and barking going on…

After one week
2 weeks! Don’t they look great!

Warm wishes, Kelly

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