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hatching chicks

Getting ready for chickens

Broody hen

In two weeks we will have sweet little chicks (fingers crossed)! Our lovely broody hen is being such a good mama keeping ten little eggs warm. And she seems to be settling into her new home well after arriving from the farm.

chicken coop

Before she arrived the children worked with their dad to build the chicken coop. Watching them work together on a project is super lovely. Seeing them problem solve and reach an outcome is rewarding on many levels. He gives them tasks and they quickly jump to them, happy to be able to really help.

chicken coop

Having chickens was high on our wish list when we started thinking about moving home. And we are lucky that my brother-in-law has a chicken farm. So when he knew we were ready he sent this lovely broody hen to us, together with ten fertile eggs to pop under her once she settled.


The children and I check our mother hen a few times each day. And each time we do she is happily sitting on her eggs. I wasn’t sure she was eating and drinking at first – but thankfully her survival instincts remain even while she is broody!

chook coop

I must say I am very thankful for a husband who looks at our weekend ‘to do lists’ with an open mind. He is used to my lists and we always make impressive headway through them. And bee hives are next (*laughing* sorry, just added that for my husband!)


Have you hatched your own eggs? Any tips?

Blessings, Kelly