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playingplaying with peg dolls

I love watching my children play. Even better, I love when they play while I do the things I need to do. Which can include enjoying a nice relaxing cup of tea *wink*


I set out this simple invitation to play late one night. Really I was enjoying playing too (even adults need to play!), and I was anticipating their reaction to discovering it in the morning.

I thought my daughter would be most captivated by it, but was pleasantly surprised when my littlest was the one inspired to play and explore.

little friends

The gnomes popped in and out of their little pots. Felt balls were moved around. They shared the pieces, happily playing alongside each other. And then the whole land was redesigned by their little hands.

brother and sister

And such simple toys, and such sweet simple play. A playsilk, some blocks, rainbow arches as bridges and some gnomes.

What are your go-to simple play ideas?

Happy days, Kelly