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I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda the Kangaroo
I have two floppy ears and two paws, how do you do?
Two paws, how do you do?
I have a long tail and two flat feet
And I like to play where the grass is juicy and sweet
I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda the Kangaroo

Kangaroos are beautiful strong creatures…
that really do bound along *smile*
These kangaroos didn’t quite bound out from the wood though *smile*
I used my usual method… of cutting them using the scroll saw
Here is the pattern I came up with for them… in case you would like to try
The main work in making them was sanding, lots and lots of sanding…
mostly while at playgroup
{sometimes the kangaroos did bound off for a little play though!}

Happy crafting, Kelly

Fun in the sun (and some kangaroos)

What’s a day at the beach unless you are buried up to your neck in sand!? Master D and his cousin had a wonderful time doing just that last weekend.

The water was lovely…

The sun was shining (well for a couple of days at least)…

Husband of Mine was silly…

There were stunning views…

Beautiful moments…

A discovery! The dragon from The Land of Long Ago

And the kangaroos were also enjoying the sunshine, just back from the sand…

Happy days, Kelly