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The trappings of Waldorf

I have to admit…
that I was first drawn to Waldorf by the beautiful crafts
{not such a shocking secret huh *wink*}
I didn’t even know that there was a thing called ‘Waldorf’
let alone have any idea about what it was…
But I did love the idea of creating my own toys for my children to play with…
Little fairy doors and gnomes made from wood
Knitted animals or gnomes
{always gnomes}
I love making these little creations
and watching my kids enjoy them
Wooden toys that become more beautiful as the years pass
…instead of fading and cracking
And how the simplicity of the toys seems to make them…
…just that little bit magical
allowing their imaginations to soar
If only I’d discovered this earlier!
Warmly, Kelly

Knitted rainbow horse

My friends and I must be ‘women of a certain age’ {do you ever hear that phrase?}
…because we are starting, or growing, our families

I am having lots of fun coming up with different things to make for them *smile*
And happy rainbow wool just begs to be turned into a little pony
{or so I like to think}

I used the very simple and easy to follow pattern in Knitted Animals by Anne-Dorthe Grigaff

I can’t wait to see some beautiful chubby baby hands holding him 
Happy crafting, Kelly