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Little Miss Q

A new bedroom

Would you like to take a peek…?
Into Little Miss Q’s new room *smile*
You see, she has recently taken up residence in her own sweet room
So we have been slowing putting it together

My cane chair, from when I was small
Spray painted gold during my ‘wild’ teenage years *wink*
A reading nook to entice and encircle
A secondhand bookcase with some {mostly handmade} toys
Together with some favourite books…
an ever~changing stage for little gnomes and fairy homes
A sweet place to lay her head…
A flea market cot & a Nana-ma made quilt
With lovely Beatle Bottom wall decals to inspire some whimsy
{thank you to Danya Banya}

And a much loved borrowed pram
Cradling a special doll
Happy days

A new playgroup

Little Miss Q and I have been enjoying our special ‘girls time’ together
while Dino Boy is in school
We walk the lad to class, before wishing him well for his day
and as we leave, he waves to us, from the goodbye rock
We make our way through our Waldorf school…
to the cafe *big grin*
And there we meet lovely friends to enjoy a morning beverage
…or some apple slices!
{it is all so wonderfully civilized *wink*}
Then we wonder on up to our new playgroup…
{which follows the same rhythm as the old}
This year we go on a different day…
so we have met a new group of wonderful mums and little ones
and a ~ make you smile to think of her ~ playgroup leader
And Little Miss Q plays to her hearts content…
or just stays close for cuddles and milk
{breastfeeding still!}

Happy, happy days