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Simple wands for children to make

I’ve been watching the kids run around the garden with their fairy wands *smile*
Ribbons streaming along…
A lovely contrast to the lush green grass

Dino Boy and I made the wands together in a few simple steps using…
~ ribbon
~ wooden dowel
~ felt 
{we used felt that had a sticky side}
~ black marker
~ tape

Dino Boy asked for blue triangles…
And because the felt was thick I cut the pieces for him

He stuck the dowel to one felt triangle with tape {and on the sticky side of the felt}

The ribbon came next, all the colours of the rainbow *smile*

Dino Boy stuck the ribbon to the sticky felt…
….before the other felt triangle was placed on top

For decoration he added coloured felt triangles…
For Little Miss Q he suggested  I make a ladybird….
…so that is just what I did!
{using a black marker}

They’ve had so much fun running around with them *smile*
And I’ve had a lovely time watching their play!

Happy crafting,