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Magical Toadstools

Isn’t it wonderful how ordinary little items can become something really quite magical?
Like how some simple door knobs can become pretty toadstools *smile*
After finding some ‘soon to be toadstools’ at our local hardware store…
I wood burned some spots before painting them with milk paint
I love the rich dense colour… 
…and how they spur the imagination *smile*
Happy crafting, Kelly

Flower Gnomes

I love gnomes! It wasn’t until I was chatting to a friend about what I’d been making that I realised how much. I told her I’d been making gnomes (of course), and she said with kind, amused forbearance ‘you and your gnomes’. So there we have it!

And now for the introductions… flower gnomes and baby gnome with pet rabbit…

The gnomes and their homes (hee hee)…

Gnomes with sleeping bags…

And finally, a needle felted gnome. I know her blue face is a bit different, but it just felt right 😉

Hope you’re enjoying your week, Kelly