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A rainbow treasure hunt

rainbow beads

Max helped me set up a rainbow treasure hunt for Ruby’s 5th birthday party.

We like to keep our birthday parties fairly simple, with a couple of games, some mostly healthy food and time to simply play.

rainbow yarn

For our rainbow treasure hunt we used:

treasure for the rainbow treasure hunt

We placed the wooden tree stump to the side of the lawn. Then we tied a ball of yarn to each nail and ran it out into the garden.

One went up the cubby house slide, one went into the sandpit, one went to the mud kitchen and so on until they were all used up.

rainbow treasure hunt yarn

At the end of each ball of yarn was a bowl of beads, the same colour as the yarn. The yellow yarn leading to the yellow beads and so on.

rainbow treasure hunt

The rainbow treasure hunt was a nice way to ‘break the ice’ at the party since some of the children didn’t know each other.

It was lovely to watch them happily ran along the yarn lengths to find the treasure at the end!

searching for treasure

Once they had found all the treasure I gave them string to make a rainbow necklace.


The string was a little tricky to thread, so the parents mostly ended up making the necklaces.

If I was to do it again, I would sticky tape an end so the children could more easily thread the beads on.

making rainbow necklace

The children took their pretty rainbow necklaces home instead of a party bag *smile*

The other game we played at Ruby’s party was pass the parcel, with pretty gems inside. And otherwise the children played.

rainbow necklace

For more birthday party inspiration you can see Max’ 6th birthday party here and Ruby’s last party here.

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Blessings, Kelly







A knights’ quest


This is the story of seven brave knights who went on a quest that required courage, wisdom, kindness, strength and beauty.

These marvellous knights worked together to follow the clues to slay a dragon, to win a handsome reward.

By reading these words, I brought together the boys who had come to celebrate my son’s 7th birthday.


Listen closely for the first of many clues…

First clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must dig deep in the sandy desert.

In the ‘sandy desert’ of our sandpit, the knights dug to discover small gems and their next clue.

rock walk

Second clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must walk the rocky path.

The knights balanced their way through a rocky path in our garden, discovering at the end some packets of seeds and the next clue.


Third clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must use something to hand to make the world more beautiful.

It was lovely to see their excitement grow as they completed their quest tasks. Happily yelling out answers ‘we need to plant the seeds! Let’s do it here, they will look good near these rocks‘.


Fourth clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must create something that floats in the air and reflects the light.

This clue gave them pause, but then they saw my husband blowing bubbles for our little one and cried out ‘bubbles!’ After they filled the air with lovely bubbles I read the fifth clue.


Fifth clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must work together to all travel from one end of the kingdom to the other using four vehicles.

Working out how they were to travel took a little more thinking and prodding, but they piled onto the bikes and trikes, working together to ride to the other end of the kingdom (otherwise known as the mud kitchen *hee hee*).


Once they arrived at the other end of the kingdom, I announced they were ready!

You brave, courageous and kind knights are now ready to work together to slay the dragon to win the handsome reward.

They lined up and took turns to slay the dragon with a wooden sword. It took many hits (which they were happy to deliver!) Before their handsome reward (a lollipop and small packet of smarties each) fell to the ground!


Happy days, Kelly