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Waldorf preschool ~ singing through the day

Waldorf kindy chair

Ruby comes home singing.

In fact, she tells me that ‘singing is what we do all day mum

And this is one of the things we love about her Waldorf preschool.


As they knead the bread, they sing. As they play, they sing.

And during circle time, they sing and they sing.

Waldorf kindy

And on her days at home with me, she breaks into song. With little movements and actions. And such joy!

It is lovely to see these glimpses of what her days at her Waldorf preschool are like.

natural play materials

She sings songs that welcome the day. She sings to give thanks for the meals she enjoys.

There are songs for going outside to play. There are songs for tidying up.

And they sing to say goodbye.

basket of twisties

And as I listen, I realise, at home we sing through our day too.

Sometimes made up songs, sometimes songs we learnt at playgroup.

And now, songs Ruby teaches me.

Blessings, Kelly

Spring songs

With my elbow resting on the table, I lift my arm straight up, fingers stretching upwards. The fingers of my other hand start drumming the table, calling my daughter’s attention to my actions. Inviting her to join me as we sing.

Up the tall white candlestick climbed little Mousey Brown
(with fingers climbing the candle stick arm)
Right to the very top, but he couldn’t get down
So he called to his grandma, ‘Grandma, Grandma’
(hands held to the sides of our mouth we call)
But grandma was in town
(reaching our hands outwards)
So he curled himself into a ballĀ 
(pulling our hands together and crossed over our chests)
and roley-poleyed down
(with both hands making a roley-poley motion)

My daughter then asks that we sing another, sing another!
Again drumming our fingers on the table we sing…

Springtime showers, Springtime rain
(we use of hands to show raindrops falling)
Wash the earth all clean again
Wash the earth all clean again
(our hands swish side to side)


Spring is coming
Spring is coming
Birdies build their nest
Weave together, straw and feather
(hands folding over each other)
Each one doing their best


We sing after our lunch and before quiet time. While our mealtime candle still burns bright. We don’t sing everyday. But the days we do, I feel a greater togetherness and connection. Our songs are a celebration of the season. Bringing reverence and gentle awareness to the time of year.

Happy days,