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Spring Celebrations

A maypole dance at playgroup

maypole     maypole ribbon

The playgroup children excitedly chose their ribbon around the maypole and waited patiently for the parents to join the fun.


And as the sun shone down, we sang:

Now we go round the maypole high
maypole high, maypole high
Now we go round the maypole high
Let coloured ribbons fly

See lasses and lads go tripping by
tripping by, tripping by
See lasses and lads go tripping by
Let coloured ribbons fly

In rainbow hues make garlands gay
Garland gay, garlands gay
In rainbow hues make garland gay
Let coloured ribbons fly
Let coloured ribbons fly

(sang to the tune of ‘here we go round the mulberry bush’)

maypole dance

maypole playgroup

First we all went in one direction, wrapping the ribbon, before turning around to unwind. We walked, we skipped, we danced.

And we kept it simple! The children who dance the maypole for Waldorf school fetes have practiced and practiced. Our playgroup children came to it new and fresh this very day.

may pole

maypole base

They looked so joyful as they went round wearing their beautiful flower crowns and with ribbons in their hands. Such a wonderful way to celebrate Spring!

You can read how to make this simple maypole stand here.

Happy Spring everyone, Kelly