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Parent led Waldorf playgroup

Spelt bread at Waldorf playgroup

We started our own Waldorf inspired playgroup. Inviting like minded parents and their children to join us for a warm and nurturing playgroup morning.

Waldorf playgroup

The mornings start outside, with the nourishing scent of spelt bread dough calling to little and big hands to shape and mould it into bread rolls. While the rolls are baking for our morning tea, children play on a rug beneath a tree, with playsilks, blocks and twisties. Other children explore the beautiful garden, riding bikes and trikes or working the hand water pump.

mud kitchen

While the children play, the parents are engaged in purposeful work alongside them. Such as cutting fruit for morning tea, sweeping or knitting. The purposeful work allows the children to engage more deeply in their play. Soon we will start making toys for our little playgroup, like tree branch blocks and felt animals.

Steiner playgroup

As the freshly baked bread comes out from the kitchen the children surround the table, helping to spread the butter, sneaking a taste here and there. The toys are packed away to a whimsical song about a dusty gnome before we say a blessing for morning tea.

Waldorf storytelling

Seasonal songs and fingerplays are enjoyed before we head off on a nature walk. Into the bush and to a dam where the children can explore. Our lovely morning closes with a puppet show ~ story telling that captures the childrens’ imaginations with its simplicity and beauty.

Waldorf playgroup

I am so thankful that my lovely friend and I took the leap to make this a reality.

Blessings, Kelly

Yarn along

Today is my second Yarn Along 🙂 and I’m at the start of a rainbow of knitted gnomes, which were inspired by Debbie at No Spring Chicken using Plain and Joyful Livings’ pattern.

I’d expected to get more done today but Master D has a cold and Little Miss Q is unsettled from moving to her big cot. Although I did get most of my fairy doors done (you can see them here) 🙂

And I’m reading ‘Sun at Midnight, The Rudolf Steiner Movement and Gnosis in the West’ while breastfeeding. Have to admit it is pretty heavy going!

Warm wishes, Kelly