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Making Christmas bells

There is a merry little sight as you walk up the path to our home at the moment. A shimmer of glitter and the invitation to ring two pretty Christmas bells. They make a lovely ringing sound, more than you might expect from a terracotta pot and wooden bead.

We crafted on a stormy afternoon. With terracotta pots, wooden beads, wool and a little glue. And while the rain poured down and the thunder crashed above our heads we covered everything in glitter. Or so it would seem *grin*

We made twisties using Christmas-y coloured wool (we share how here). Then threaded a bead onto the twistie to ring against the side of the terracotta pot. To keep the bead in the right spot, we also tied a double knot up a bit higher to rest near the small drainage hole in the pot. Making sure on both ends to leave some of the twistie for tying the bell, and ringing it.

Outside we went as the skies cleared, to find the perfect spots for our little bells.

Happy crafting,

Making bells

Awhile back Dino Boy had lots of fun melting crayons over small terracotta pots…
We had wonderful plans to turn them into something even more special…
…beautiful bells!


So with the lovely sunshine we have been enjoying… {and ignoring the bitterly cold wind}
We went out into our courtyard to make them!

  We used thick cord which we tied two wooden beads onto…
Leaving a nice amount of cord at both ends..
So we could hang the bell… and ring it *smile*

We spaced the beads so that the top bead would plug the hole in the pot…
The second so it could dangle down and be rung against the side…


 Our bells make such lovely jolly ringing sounds
{just like the ones at our Waldorf playgroup}

Happy crafting,