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A birth story

Waldorf birthday banner2

On his birthday he woke early, but not too early. After he climbed into bed with us, I sleepily told him his birth story.

Around 4 in the morning on the day you were born I woke with a funny feeling in my tummy. At first I thought I had eaten something that didn’t agree with me the night before. But the strange feeling stayed and soon I was walking in figure eights through our house. Around the coffee table in the lounge room, past the kitchen and around our dinner table. Again and again. Until suddenly I had to sit. And as I sat my waters broke in a huge wave. And even though I knew what was happening I still had a moment of thinking I had wet myself (my son thought this was rather funny in my retelling).

That thought passed quickly and I went to tell your dad that our little one was on his way. He called the midwives and they asked us to come in to the birthing suite. We took our time going to the car ~ excited about meeting you earth side ~ but also wanting to stay in our space for as long as we could.


The drive to the hospital was excruciating. I had to sit in the back seat of our car because we only had a teeny tiny car and to have the baby seat ready meant the front passenger seat had to be so far forward that no one could sit there, let alone me! I remember asking your dad to pull over – stop the car! while I worked through my contractions, but he didn’t (probably a good thing too!)

Our midwife took us through to the birthing suite and called our obstetrician. But there was no urgency on their part. They didn’t seem to think you would be with us too soon.

king and queen copy

But immediately I had to get my clothes off. All off. And I wanted to be in the shower. Your dad held the nozzle so the water could hammer into my lower back. ‘I have to push’ I told them. The feeling was so incredibly insistent. I used my yogic breathing to manage the contractions. And on all fours in the shower I birthed my beautiful baby boy. You were caught by your dad at 9.30 in the morning. I remember urgently asking if you were ok, is my baby ok.

You were, and I was.

As I was helped to bed my beautiful boy was placed in my arms. You were so small. So perfect. So amazing. And I brought you to my breast. The emotion of the morning was incredible.

It’s funny but I remember looking out the window and seeing our car and thinking ‘our little family will drive home in our little car soon’ and crying with the happy joyful emotion of it all. It was such an incredible morning. A morning in which I became a mother.

castle and dragon cake

After telling him his birth story, with hugs and kisses all round, we ventured out to the birthday table. Where his birthday crown and gifts awaited underneath our birthday banner. Such a happy morning *smile*

Happy days, Kelly

A knights’ quest


This is the story of seven brave knights who went on a quest that required courage, wisdom, kindness, strength and beauty.

These marvellous knights worked together to follow the clues to slay a dragon, to win a handsome reward.

By reading these words, I brought together the boys who had come to celebrate my son’s 7th birthday.


Listen closely for the first of many clues…

First clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must dig deep in the sandy desert.

In the ‘sandy desert’ of our sandpit, the knights dug to discover small gems and their next clue.

rock walk

Second clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must walk the rocky path.

The knights balanced their way through a rocky path in our garden, discovering at the end some packets of seeds and the next clue.


Third clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must use something to hand to make the world more beautiful.

It was lovely to see their excitement grow as they completed their quest tasks. Happily yelling out answers ‘we need to plant the seeds! Let’s do it here, they will look good near these rocks‘.


Fourth clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must create something that floats in the air and reflects the light.

This clue gave them pause, but then they saw my husband blowing bubbles for our little one and cried out ‘bubbles!’ After they filled the air with lovely bubbles I read the fifth clue.


Fifth clue ~ to slay the dragon to win a handsome reward the brave knights must work together to all travel from one end of the kingdom to the other using four vehicles.

Working out how they were to travel took a little more thinking and prodding, but they piled onto the bikes and trikes, working together to ride to the other end of the kingdom (otherwise known as the mud kitchen *hee hee*).


Once they arrived at the other end of the kingdom, I announced they were ready!

You brave, courageous and kind knights are now ready to work together to slay the dragon to win the handsome reward.

They lined up and took turns to slay the dragon with a wooden sword. It took many hits (which they were happy to deliver!) Before their handsome reward (a lollipop and small packet of smarties each) fell to the ground!


Happy days, Kelly