Counting coins

At our house coins end up in our saving vase or the kids’ money boxes. Recently we noticed they were all full.  So we tipped the coins out, sorting the different coins into piles, before counting them up.

Husband of Mine and Master D got inventive with how they counted, once Husband of Mine got over his phobia of touching the *dirty* money ;-). They put their coins down this cardboard tube and matched stacks of coins by height.

Yes, he was still in his pjs

The tube then came in handy for pouring all the coins into a bag to take to the bank. At the bank we got to use their coin sorting machine before depositing most of the money into savings. As a saving reward Master D was given some money to use however he liked (with parental approval of course!).

Straight away he told us he would like to buy a dinosaur (his dino love has gone on for months now ;-)). So we looked in different shops, compared dinosaurs and prices before he chose one. And here is is!

He is already saving again 🙂

Happy saving, Kelly

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