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Until I started preparing this post I felt I hadn’t really achieved much this past week. Maybe it is just all the rain we have been having, it’s putting a bit of a dampener on my spirits! Normally I love the rain; the sound, smell and coziness it inspires (snuggling down to read a good book or having cuddles with the kids) but I think I am waterlogged.

Luckily, the sun came out from behind the clouds yesterday. And not so luckily, hives came out all over Master D’s skin. He is covered in them, poor chicken! They seem to be clearing with the help of some antihistamine thankfully.

So with all the rain (and now hives) we have been playing inside lots, and while the children play I’ve been making little St Patrick’s Day bags to pop some little treats in *smile* (inspired by this blog).

 Doing some needlework… I’m not sure what I will do with them yet, but I do enjoy making them…

And finishing off some whimsical doors. Husband of mine asked what I plan to do with all the doors ~ I think he is worried they will start taking over the place! But most of these ones have homes to go to already…

One of my next projects will be knitting up a farm!  I’m joining Carrie from Crafty Moms Share in a Knitted Farm Swap ~ would you like to join in?


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Happy crafting, Kelly

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