Homemade juggling balls!

Juggling balls are super easy to make and lots of silly fun!! I was reminded of how easy at Homespun Waldorf recently.

And you might even have what you need on hand… some balloons, rice, scissors, a bottle, a funnel (or paper to turn into a funnel) and tape. To get started, pour some rice into the bottle using the funnel.

Then slip a deflated or slightly blown up balloon over the top of the bottle (tip: this balloon won’t be seen, and inflating it slightly will make the rice flow quicker but might be harder to manage). Turn the bottle upside down and shake it around so the rice pours into the balloon.

Once you have a good amount pull the balloon off and cut off the rim at the end before taping it down.

Get two different coloured balloons and cut the ends off (more than the rim). One at a time wrap them around the first, then second balloon. And you’re done!  

Happy juggling!

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