Treasure dough {or super fun play dough}

It had been a while since we played with play dough…
But who could resist the wonderful invitations to play by The Imagination Tree *smile*

…and made a batch of purple, green and orange
…complete with glitter!

Using items from around the house…such as feathers, pasta and googly eyes…
…Dino Boy created and played for hours!!
{The Imagination Tree has many inspiring play dough ideas here}

When Dino Boy first saw the play dough he yelled out ‘Treasure dough!
I think the glitter and bits and bobs added so much fun for him!

And while Little Miss Q was a bit uncertain at first…
She ended up enjoying touching and mushing the play dough around…

And days later…. 
the play dough may have changed colour
… but what fun!

Happy crafting, Kelly
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