Edible sugar flowers

Ever since Max ate some red flowers from his Nana’s pineapple sage… {they taste a little like honey *smile*} …he has loved asking me which flowers he can eat.
So when I was looking through my new book Gifts from the Garden {a lovely present from my mum}
…and was reminded that you can crystallise edible flowers using an egg white and caster sugar…. we couldn’t resist!
We used rose petals and pansies… which were free from pesticides.
Max lightly whisked an egg yolk with a dash of cold water.

And then carefully painted the flowers with the egg white.

Before dusting them lightly {ok, heavily!} with caster sugar… using a tea strainer.

Then we left them to dry…

Once dry, we adorned our buckwheat shortbread with the tasty and pretty morsels

Which we enjoyed with freshly made lemonade *smile*

Happy days,

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