Waldorf gifts for 8 year old boys


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Max is turning eight.

He is becoming such a great helper to me around the house and with the other kids. He is kind and considerate. And full of ideas.

I often tell him, ‘you’re an ideas boy‘, which he loves to hear.

He is creative and passionate. His teacher tells me that he really loves learning. That he is a beautiful balance between the imaginative, creative soul while being a boy of our times (he tells me he wants to program computer games when he is older! So I know what she means).

So for his eighth birthday ~ in keeping with our gift giving philosophy ~ we are giving him…


Something he wants

Max loves tinkering and working out how things work. So we thought he would like this starter electronic kit, ClipCircuit.

He will be able to make his own circuits and experiment with the components.


Something he needs

Max’s teacher told us that the children in Grade 2 are at a great age to be given a compass.

They are starting to work out where they fit in the world around them.

For Christmas we might also give him a map of our area.


Something to wear for fun!

Max is pretty set clothes wise at the moment. But when I saw this sweet little gnome it called out to come home to him *wink*

Max is really into gnomes at the moment from reading the Limindoor Woods series. He is even having a gnome themed birthday party!


Something to read

We have two books for Max this birthday, The Eight-Year Old Legend Book and the recently released Gnomes and Friends: Tales of Limindoor Woods.

Last year we gave Max the Seven-Year Old Wonder Book and he really loved it (and I really enjoyed reading it with him), so we thought we would try the Eight-Year old book too.

And Max and I have loved reading about the lovely gnomes who inhabit Limindoor Woods, so when I heard a new book was out our choice was clear *grin*

For more birthday inspiration, you can read about the birthday chair here and Ruby’s fifth birthday gifts here.

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Blessings, Kelly










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