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Ruby’s Waldorf kindergarten

bleubell tables

Waldorf kindergartens are beautiful. Truly they make my heart sing.

I was going to write about why Jason and I chose a Waldorf kindergarten for our children. But then I thought, I would ask Ruby what she likes about school instead.

Ruby told me that the best thing of all is swinging on the swings. She loves to go high. And swings as long as she can.

swingsBluebell window

Most days the children go on a nature walk with their teachers.

On their walks they go to ‘very good places’ where they see ducks, birds, lots of tree and bushes, and cars.

Bluebell playgroundBluebell outside

During inside time, Ruby likes to make little houses to play in. She uses wooden frames for the walls and quilts for the roof. It makes them a little dark, but the light still shines through.

Her teacher told me, that a little boy asked to play in her house this week but Ruby wasn’t quite ready to share the space. So she suggested that he be her neighbour and build a house next door. Soon there was a whole row of little houses *smile*



Through the day, Ruby tells me ‘they sing so much and play so much’.

At circle time they play a giant game, where they pretend to be giants stealing treasure from gnomes!

table dolls

pretty tree

And for lunch, Ruby eats eats vegetable soup one day, freshly baked bread rolls another and yummy millet bake.

At rest time, they lie on their mattresses and their teacher reads them whimsical stories about gnomes.

And Ruby tries not to sleep because she worries she will miss out on the best fruit for afternoon tea. She likes strawberries, apples, carrots and pears.

making bread dough

sunlight on the tables

Her teachers are good and kind. And they help her through the day, offering kind words and cuddles.

But the best things of all is going on the swings.

bluebell sign

You can read about Ruby starting kindergarten here and more about how they sing through the day here.

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Blessings, Kelly







The last year of wonder

recorders hanging on the wall

Max has embarked on his last year of wonder.

He is in Class 2, and later this year he will turn 8. And sometime over the next year or so, he will experience the nine year old change.


But during this last year of wonder, the Waldorf Class 2 curriculum offers stability and harmony.

His wonderful teacher will tell stories of the Celtic gods ~ because in Waldorf education ‘they do all the gods, not none‘ ~ and they will hear the stories of the Saints, as well as Aesop’s fables.


The stories of the Saints are told, not for religious instruction, but because they are stories in which people born to privilege awaken to learn the real meaning of life.

The gift of sacrifice. And a life of service.


And through these stories, the children will be met. By providing great quests and journeys where challenges must be overcome.

This is because our Class 2 children have a very strong sense of fairness, but of course they see justice in a black and white way.


Max’ teacher works with the children’s beautiful and insatiable curiosity.

Speaking to the children’s strong connection to nature and animals. Nurturing their care of the earth, care of animals and care of each other.

classroom baskets

And so, to the last year of wonder.

Blessings, Kelly

P.s you can read more about Waldorf class 2 curriculum here.