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Children’s Autumn books

Autumn Waldorf booksThis post contains affiliate links

It still feels like Summer where we are.

We have had the hottest March in many years. And a run of 30 days with above 30 degree temperatures.

This means I am so very ready for Autumn.

Autumn books

I’m ready for the cooler days, the crisp mornings, the falling leaves and the scent of the leaves going back to the earth.

I am so ready for Autumn that I am willing it into being.

By shifting and changing to Autumn on our nature table. By setting out out Autumn children’s books.

Yet still the heat remains.

Book nook for Autumn

Even with the heat we are enjoying the return of some of our favourite books.

And I must say, it truly is wonderful to have our books reappear with the seasons ~ it brings another element to the changing seasons and the magic of that transition.

So I thought I would share what we are reading *smile*

Autumn reading nook

Wild Child by Lynn Plourde and illustrated by Greg Couch, is my favourite Autumn story to read to my children. It tells the story of a spirited Autumn child who isn’t quite ready for bed. Mother Earth tends to her wild Autumn child until tiredness comes.

Autumn by Gerda Muller is a wordless board book that truly captures my children’s imaginations. Ruby loves to tell her own stories with these books, while Teddy loves pointing to all the things *grin*

Wish Soup by Rachel Larmer and illustrated by Jo Lory is a beautiful seasonal treasury that we return to time and time again. You can read my review of Wish Soup here.

When the Wind Stops by Charlotte Zolotow and illustrated by Stefano Vitale is a lovely story about how things don’t really end. Instead they change and evolve.

The Story of Little Billy Bluesocks by Sibylle von Olfers is a very sweet story about a little boy. It is innocent, joyful and fun!

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson and illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke is a story about change and how change can make us feel (and it has a lovely resolution).

Autumn reading

We often keep some other favourites in our book nook too. At the moment we haveĀ  Lilli-Pilli’s Sister, A New Day and Pip the Gnome.

And you can see our Easter books onĀ Instagram.

What are your favourite Autumn books?

Warmly, Kelly

Creating our book nook

Book nookBook nook

Each night I tell my children a story from when I was little. I start the story the same way each night. Recently I told them this story…

When I was little and lived in my home town with my mum and dad and my brothers, I loved to read. I was always reading. I remember choosing to stay home and read instead of going on sleepovers. I remember trying to stay in bed all day reading. And reading well past my bedtime under the covers of my bed with a torch!

book nook

One night, when I was meant to turn my lamp off and go to sleep, I had a good idea! I opened my cupboard and placed my lamp inside. Then I placed a dolls bed inside with cushions and a blanket. It was a dolls bed that I could curl up in. So that is what I did.

Book nook

It was a warm and cozy spot to read. And I read for hours! My mum eventually worked out what I was up to, but I don’t think it was that first wonderful night reading in my secret spot! My cupboard book nook became a favourite reading spot of mine until I was much older…

book nook

And now I have created a special reading nook for my children to enjoy. It has a big whimsical toadstool cushion to curl up in, baskets of books to explore and enjoy, as well as shelves ‘showcasing’ special books.

Our book nook is in a corner of our living room. Close by, but also separate. A space to retreat to, a space to enjoy, a space in which to grow their love of books.

book nook

Happy reading, Kelly