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Down on the farm

Chooky, chook, chook‘  ~ I can’t help but say this (repeatedly to my Husband’s *delight*) whenever chooks are near 🙂

So when we visited the family farm, where my brother-in-law has over 200 chooks you bet I was ‘chooky, chook, chook-ing’ up a storm!

And interestingly, I discovered recently from Adventure Academy Mom that the word ‘chook’ isn’t well known outside of Australia… but here we often call chickens chooks!

Master D and Little Miss Q enjoyed meeting George the Rooster and seeing all the chooks.

Eggs were collected for my brother-in-law to sell to local restaurants and shops. He’s done a great job setting up his chook farm (chookery? lol)

We also got to see some new little chicks, so soft and sweet

At the farm they also grow lots of veggies… potatoes, beans, pumpkin, lettuce to name a few…. and gorgeous flavoursome strawberries!

Happy days, Kelly

Chasing chooks!

The minute we arrived at my mum’s house Master D ran to get the egg basket and chook food. Then off he went up to the chooks 🙂
Those naughty chooks escaped on us again (although that’s half the fun isn’t it!)! While the chooks played, Master D excitedly gathered up the eggs – counting as he went ‘one, two, three, four, five eggs!’. ‘You good little chookies’ said I.

While we chased the chooks around the yard Little Miss Q enjoyed lying on a blanket in the shade of a big tree, gazing into the magical garden. 

Before heading home we said hello to Mr Gnome and found he had a new pet! What fun 🙂