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Our family Christmas traditions

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Waldorf window stars

Christmas truly is a magical time of year.

And the anticipation as we journey towards Christmas day is as important and special as the day itself.

Christmas tree

As a family we have slowly created our Christmas traditions. Working out what is special and meaningful for us.

And along the way, I have read inspiring books that have helped me find that meaning and bring it into our family.

decorating for Christmas

And as each festive season slowly unfolds, I watch my children eagerly anticipate the elements they have come to recognise as making our family Christmas

Christmas book nook

The Christmas books return to the book nook and they spend hours revisiting their favourites.

Christmas books

We venture out on a hot Summer’s day to find the Christmas tree that sings to us, telling us it is the one.

getting the Christmas tree

They carefully and excitedly open the box that holds our Christmas decorations. They rediscover their creations of years past.

decorating the Christmas tree

We spend afternoons and evenings crafting. Warming wax in our hands to decorate amazingly scented beeswax candles.


And the sun is captured and celebrated through our beautiful Waldorf window stars. The little ones join in by filling shapes of trees and stars with rainbows of kite paper.

sun catchers

Our beautiful nativity reemerges to grace our nature table. And our mornings start with the opening of parcels from our advent stick.

And closer to Christmas day itself the wonderful scent of cinnamon and ginger will fill our home as the children bake a gingerbread house with their dad.

And on Christmas Eve, we will lull them to sleep by looking at the Christmas lights over our neighbourhood.

This is what Christmas is for us *smile*

This post was sponsored by the beautiful shop, Dragonfly Toys. An Australian based Waldorf inspired shop which aims to keep the magic of childhood alive.

Blessings, Kelly

Christmas traditions

At the moment I am reading about celebrating festivals as a family… in Heaven on Earth: a handbook for parents of young children by Sharifa Oppenheimer

And this message stood out to me…

‘For a young child, the preparation, the anticipation, the slow building towards the event is as important as the event itself’

Isn’t this the truth!

Although, I think this sentiment can extend beyond childhood… *smile*

When I think of my childhood Christmas celebrations… I can feel the excitement bubble up inside…
…as happy memories, but even more a feeling of happiness, come to the surface

And I want to share this magic and excitement with my children… the way my parents did with me*smile*

So in the build up to Christmas I have been sharing stories from my childhood Christmases.

…and my memories aren’t about the gifts I received…
it is about the warmth of family laughter… a shared meal and a sense of belonging

~ it is about family ~

And now that I have my own little family I hope to share this feeling with them

So in the slow build up of anticipation to Christmas we have…

♡ being reading Slinky Malinki’s Christmas Crackers
♡ enjoyed classic Elvis Christmas carols
♡ hunted for the perfect tree

Warmly, Kelly