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Painting rainbow Easter eggs

Easter eggs5

There is no such thing as too many rainbows. They make us smile. They are whimsical, beautiful and fun to create. They can transform a peg doll or a wooden egg!

To make our wooden rainbow Easter eggs I used:

Starting in the middle of the egg I painted a green ring. Not worrying about having clean lines so later the colours would overlap and run, giving the eggs a beautiful organic feel.

Easter eggs1Easter eggs

Next I painted red at the top and violet at the bottom. Only allowing the colours to dry slightly before adding the colours between, letting them overlap and mingle. Creating a gentle and beautiful rainbow.Easter eggs2Easter eggs3

Once the paint dried I used my hands to rub the eggs with homemade olive oil and beeswax polish. The polish protects the wood, but also deepens the colours. Leaving a vibrant colour with a gloss finish (the photograph above shows one egg with the polish and one without). Working with the polish is lovely, it has a warming beeswax scent and is gentle on the hands.

Easter eggs4Easter egg

Our beautiful rainbow Easter eggs now sit along our window sill helping us build towards our Easter celebrations.

Happy crafting, Kelly


Easter wrapper art!

{Master D creation}

So the Easter Bunny has come and gone. We’ve eaten enough chocolate for a month (ok, maybe for a couple of days….) And there are lots of pretty shiny wrappers left behind…

What are we to do?…

Add some paper and some glue…

What fun shiny pictures we can make!

{Master D and Mama creation}

 Happy crafting, Kelly