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Creating our book nook

Book nookBook nook

Each night I tell my children a story from when I was little. I start the story the same way each night. Recently I told them this story…

When I was little and lived in my home town with my mum and dad and my brothers, I loved to read. I was always reading. I remember choosing to stay home and read instead of going on sleepovers. I remember trying to stay in bed all day reading. And reading well past my bedtime under the covers of my bed with a torch!

book nook

One night, when I was meant to turn my lamp off and go to sleep, I had a good idea! I opened my cupboard and placed my lamp inside. Then I placed a dolls bed inside with cushions and a blanket. It was a dolls bed that I could curl up in. So that is what I did.

Book nook

It was a warm and cozy spot to read. And I read for hours! My mum eventually worked out what I was up to, but I don’t think it was that first wonderful night reading in my secret spot! My cupboard book nook became a favourite reading spot of mine until I was much older…

book nook

And now I have created a special reading nook for my children to enjoy. It has a big whimsical toadstool cushion to curl up in, baskets of books to explore and enjoy, as well as shelves ‘showcasing’ special books.

Our book nook is in a corner of our living room. Close by, but also separate. A space to retreat to, a space to enjoy, a space in which to grow their love of books.

book nook

Happy reading, Kelly