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Spring Crowns

Making Spring crowns


We celebrated the arrival of Spring at our Waldorf inspired playgroup recently.

We used wool twisties and pretty flowers to make sweet and simple Spring Crowns.


I made the twisties the day before, with Max and Ruby helping me.

We used 5 long strands of children’s wool. Twisting them together to make our pretty rope. You can read how to make them here.


Then during playgroup, the children and parents threaded flowers through the wool twisties.

Alternating colours and filling the twisties with flowers from the garden.


We used light pretty flowers, so they wouldn’t be too heavy for the crowns.

Snow drops, pansies, calendula and lavender were threaded through. While some children liked their Spring crown without flowers too.


When our Spring Crowns were ready, we tied them around the children’s heads.

Adorning them for Spring.


We then made our way into the garden to play, frolic and dance around the maypole.

And I will share more about the maypole soon *smile*


You can read more about last year’s maypole dance here and see how we made our maypole here.

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Blessings, Kelly