Playdough Robots

 I love when we come across ideas that we get excited about!
And playdough robots was certainly one of them *smile*

When we saw these made on Playschool recently we couldn’t wait to try them out!!
{we have reached a comfortable compromise on limited tv viewing…
…which happens to include Playschool}

We had a regular batch of green playdough ready
And then we made a non-conducting batch of pink playdough using this recipe

Husband of Mine then rifled through his toys {his randomly collected electronic gadgets}
And came back with a battery pack and leads…
And the all important eyes {otherwise known as LEDs}

Then the real fun began… making circuits!
Dino Boy was excited to make the one-eyed monster light up *smile*

And Husband of Mine made a… car?
In all honesty though I think I was the most excited by this activity… 
So we will have to try it again when Dino Boy is a bit older.
Happy crafting, Kelly
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