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A Spring Story Apron


Years ago I came across a photo of a beautiful story apron, and I found the idea so very enchanting.

The idea that you could create a magical storytelling setting by wearing a special apron. An apron that has a flowing silk skirt and little pockets wherein the characters for your story reside.


So now that I have a new crafting obsession ~ needle felting ~ I thought I would try my hand at creating such a story apron for Ruby’s Waldorf kindergarten teacher. A spring story apron with lovely lush greenery and a lovely blue sky above.

I started with a felted jumper as my base and sewed pockets from the same material into place.


Then I layered beautiful wool roving and felted it into place, layering more as I went, slowly building up this whimsical storytelling setting.

Once I was happy with the felted picture I hand sewed the silk skirt and ribbon ties into place. Next time I would use a machine and do this first because my finish was not a neat as I would like.


Then I used a green gradient yarn and blanket stitched around the apron bib piece completing the apron.

I wrapped the apron up in cloth and tied it with yarn. Gifting it to Ruby’s teacher and her class. One day I hope to see the story apron being used *smile*


You can see my first felt tapestry here and my other handmade creations here.

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Blessings, Kelly




A celebration of Spring


The children and I are missing our playgroup mornings. They ask me when they will see their friends and when will we bake bread.

I am finding our quiet Mondays at home to be important though. A day to rest, run some errands, play in the garden and so on.

And as we settle into our new rhythm more I imagine we will start catching up with friends again.


So it was lovely to look over these photos from our last playgroup morning that my friend took for me.

A morning on which we celebrated the arrival of Spring.


That Monday morning the sun had shone.

After a weekend of rain, and more to come. But for our Spring maypole celebration it was just right, just lovely.


The children excitedly headed outside after making Spring crowns.

And as I unravelled the pretty ribbons on the maypole they drew near. Choosing their colour.


We sang as we danced around the maypole in one direction (you can see the song lyrics here), wrapping the ribbons beautifully, occasionally getting caught in each others ribbon, before turning and dancing the other way.

It was a beautiful and fitting farewell for our little playgroup community.

We miss them and hold onto our happy memories.


You can see how we made our Spring Crowns here and how to make a simple maypole here.

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Blessings, Kelly