A new toy (*ahem* tool) ~ and crafting on

A scroll saw has been on my wish list since I found out about them (which admittedly isn’t that long!).

Fairy doors in progress…

So when my cabinet maker brother-in-law visited recently I asked if, by chance, he had one. And – big smile – he does! And – even bigger smile – he has lent it to me!

gnomies coming out of the wood

So, my crafting to-do list already had lots of fairy doors and gnomes (that I was going to use a jigsaw for)…

More and more…

…but with the wonderful scroll saw there are so many more possibilities. I’ve now added trees and a couple of other ideas to that to-do list 🙂


And 3 broken blades later I am getting the feel for it and loving every minute! Joining in with Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Crafting On 🙂

Happy crafting, Kelly

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