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Ruby’s rainbow cake

rainbow birthday party

For Ruby’s 5th birthday she told me she would like a rainbow birthday party.

So we sent out rainbow invitations, set up a rainbow treasure hunt and her dad made a beautiful rainbow birthday cake.

rainbow birthday cake

The rainbow birthday cake was super impressive. It really was beautiful.

And the surprise is when you cut it to find the rainbow colours.

Jason said it was also easy to make (he covered the outside in whipped cream and smarties, instead of icing).

gorgeous rainbow birthday cake

He is our birthday cake maker. He likes to make impressive and beautiful cakes for us.

So it has become a birthday tradition. That dad bakes the cakes.

Teddy at the party

And I love that this shows the children that we can all bake. We can all be part of the party preparations.

Pretty special I reckon.

party food

Jason has baked all kinds of birthday cakes… a ladybug, dinosaur (check out the teeth!), teddy bear, a super impressive pinata cake, treasure island cake, Peter Pan on Wendy’s roof and a castle cake!

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Blessings, Kelly











A gingerbread house


This Christmas we all took part in creating our gingerbread house.

I made the gingerbread dough.

My husband cut the pieces, baked them and constructed our little house (his tip is using beer bottles to hold the walls while the icing sets).

gingerbread house decorating

Then the children set to work decorating and, of course, sampling! And as the years go by, we relinquish more and more of the decorating to them.

It’s lovely to sit back and watch them bring it all together.

And I adore looking back on the sweet little gingerbread houses we have made over the years, with their jolly little decorations *grin*

decorating gingerbread house

Our gingerbread house is dessert on Christmas day.

This year we shared it with my dad and his partner. We were all a little reluctant to break into the house… but once we did… *grin*

gingerbread house

And I’m usually behind the camera, watching, taking photos…  But this time I’m even in some photos!

(I might even try to be in the photos a little more often… we will see!)

gingerbread cottage

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Blessings, Kelly